Mufeed Pakistan is the Global Presentation of Pakistan with a Positive Perspective. This platform is established by the Young, Passionate, and Professional Pakistani Entrepreneurs who believe in Positive Efforts regardless of Outcomes.Mufeed Pakistan’s Team collects the Positive information about, Health, Education, Law & Order, Jobs Announcements, Government Policies, and Affairs about Overseas Pakistanis. After Collection of best Possible and Authentic Information, the Mufeed Pakistan’s Team gets it published at Mufeed Pakistan’s Platform ( Pakistan Promotes the Tourism in Pakistan for National and Global Tourist. Through tourism, we promote our Culture and Cultural Products at National and Global Levels. Our team work hard to promote the production, presentation of Nationally Symbolic Products. In near future The Mufeed Pakistan team will start the E- Commerce Platform to promote the sale of Nationally Symbolic Cultural based product to Empower the Our Cultures Globally.Mufeed Pakistan’s Team works to promote Higher Education through the collection and sharing of information about National and International Higher Education Opportunities.Mufeed Pakistan presents all Useful and Electronically Managed Pakistani platforms with the name of E-Pakistan. All mentioned platforms in E-Pakistan Tab are managed by the Government of Pakistan or other private entities. Mufeed Team Categorized all source platforms with different types i.e, Health, Education, Tourism, Government Recruitment Agencies, Transmissions Services, Provincial Portals, and all other Public Services Platforms, etc. This E-Pakistan display place provides helps more effectively to Overseas Pakistanis because they can found and get in touch for all the desired services from any of the Pakistani Electronically Managed Portal or Platform.

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